The next generation of IT work environment in the city of Sarajevo

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HUB387’s mission is to build a vibrant IT community, a space where aspiring IT companies and individuals will connect and collaborate; where interaction with peers will facilitate new ideas and solutions to challenges in our workplace.

The HUB387 is information technology park whose main goal is to create an environment conducive to strengthening of local IT eco system, promoting culture of collaboration and shared knowledge. We are revolutionizing the daily work routine by creating open community while increasing level of innovation and competitiveness among associated members.

HUB387 value proposition is based on the simple fact that by forming a larger IT community, we are creating a more conducive environment for collaboration, increasing your competitive level to attract bigger and more lucrative projects from the world’s IT market.


Authority Partners We've spent fifteen years refining our partnership-based business model and developing our reputation as a global IT authority.

Klika We're a software development company offering the very best in outsourcing and consulting services.

Ministry of Programming We build startup software companies from the first line of code.

Aqua Digital Digital marketing agency

Orbicode We develop solutions for your business.

ACADEMY387 Our main purpose is to improve the quality of education in IT segment.

Bosnia Agile Non-profit association started by a team of Agile enthusiasts Consulting and engineering services, construction and development

VOC-Solutions Leading edge technology in world class solutions

Balkanvibe Balkanvibe is the premier travel site for the Balkans

NEST71 NEST71 is a shared office space located within HUB387 Full service Digital Marketing and Software Development Agency

Waves provider Waves provider is a company offering a wide range of specialized services in the fields of Streaming media, IPTV, System integration and Custom software development.

Java Language Zone Improving your business with IT solutions

Purple Key Purple Key Retouching provides the ultimate solution to your retouching needs.

Rubicon iOS, Android, Node.js, .Net, Python, AngularJS, Redis, Scala

Simplify We build great things.

Bookvar Online Learning Service

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Phone +387 (0)33 941-261
Address Milana Preloga 12, 71000 Sarajevo
Work Time 24/7


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